While traveling, everyone can expect their luggage to be damaged somewhere along the line. Unfortunately, due to the way luggage are handled in an airport, even the most durable suitcases, for instance, can get damaged. Some airlines will reimburse or repair your damaged luggage at their cost, but the formalities and paper work make it a hassle. Instead you might want to locate a luggage service center, someone like us. Our customer service department consist of well trained service staff including a service manager with over 28 years of experience  in his field of business. We have spare parts for almost all our luggage and we can, at times, repair your luggage even if you haven't bought it from us. 

There are, however some problems that can be fixed by any one. For Example:

A turned white area on the corner of most ABS suitcases can be fixed easily. Hold your suitcase in a position shown in the FIGURE A, run a lighted lighter along the white spot for 4 to 5 seconds and you will notice the turned white area(spot) changes color to its original color. Remember to move your hand in a circular motion over the area. Repeat the procedure if necessary for another 4 to 5 seconds.

Things to remember to extend the life of your luggage:

- Never pick up your trolley from it's pull-man handle, always use its top handle, corner handle or side handle.

- Always close all the locks - open locks could be a threat and help in damaging your luggage
- Some airports have provide passengers with a plastic protective cover machines that will cover your luggage such as hard suitcase, trolley for a small nominal fee and is the best investment to protect you luggage for scratch and damage.
- If you have to overload your suitcase it's a good idea to use a suitcase belt. Too much pressure can sometimes cause your suitcase to open up by itself.
- Make sure you know and remember the combination number of your luggage case. It would help if you write it down some where. 

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